Smuggling of more than 28,000 cigarettes prevented

Friday, July 11, 2014

On July 10, 2014, customs officers prevented an attempt of our citizen to smuggle 28,200 cigarettes of different brands from Republic of Serbia, at the Horgoš border crossing point.



Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold, Camel, Winston and Philip Morris Red cigarettes were found during detailed control of Fiat Punto Classic vehicle with Belgrade license plates.



Customs officers found cigarettes in different places in the car, starting from the backrest on front and rear sears, in rear seats, in floor in front of front and rear seats, under upholstery in the trunk, in rear right doors, and even under the engine’s hood.



Misdemeanour procedure was initiated against the driver, cigarettes were temporarily confiscated, and since the value of the cigarettes is higher than one third of value of the vehicle in which they were found, the car was also temporarily confiscated.


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