More efficient during the holiday season

Thursday, July 10, 2014

As every year during the holiday season, the customs officers have increased their activities at border crossing points due to the intensified influx of passengers travelling to summer vacations, or returning to their home country of origin across Serbia.


Although the intensified frequency of passengers during the season of vacations and great holidays is a routine and expected occurrence for customs officers, the Customs Administration has undertaken concrete measures in order to remind the customs officers of their obligations.


Professional behaviour towards the passengers is implied, but it is also expected that the work of customs officers should be even more efficient in order to reduce delays to a minimum.


As the phenomenon of seasonal crowds is not unfamiliar to the Customs Service, the measures for their prevention are determined beforehand. Customs officers were clearly instructed they were expected to open additional traffic lanes if needed, as well as to increase the number of employees in all shifts.


This facilitates that the customs procedure be maximally sped up, to prevent delays at the border, making travelling easier for the citizens.


The passengers should know that the pressure on border crossing points is enormous during the holiday season, because Serbia is a transit country through which citizens of other countries such as Turkey are also passing, besides our citizens working abroad. This is why we want to suggest to those preparing to travel to consider alternative crossing points in order to prevent forming of lines at biggest crossing points such as Horgoš and Gradina.


Alternative crossings for the crossing point Horgoš are Kelebija and Đala, and it is also possible to go to Romania from Hungary and then cross from Romania at Srpska Crnja border crossing point. Concerning Batrovci, the alternative crossing point is Šid, while the alternative for Preševo is Prohor Pčinjski. The infrastructure towards Montenegro is still in development, as there is still no adequate alternative for Gostun crossing point, that has only two traffic lanes.


The current situation is such that there are no greater delays, the waiting period is in most cases half an hour, although this period can become longer during the weekends, when the number of passengers and vehicles is increased.


We appeal to travellers to start their journey rested and without stress, and first of all, if possible, to be well informed, which is why we recommend them to visit the Customs Administration website where in the “Questions and Answers” they can find all the information concerning personal luggage, export and import of money, pets, as well as their rights concerning the import of goods bought abroad.


In the end, we would like to remind the passengers that the Customs Service is not the only border service, so if any unpleasant situation should occur, they should pay the attention to whether it was caused by a customs officer or a representative of some other service (border police or inspection). This way we will be able to sanction our employees in case they exceed their powers or measure of good taste and proper behaviour.

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